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Patient Success Stories


While every patient is different and individual results will vary based on your personal medical condition and lifestyle we are proud of the successes we have achieved. Read real stories from patients below and call our offices today on 262-827-4000 to speak with a doctor about what results we may be able to help you achieve.

12 Week Milwaukee Weight Loss Program

On November 1, 2011 I heard Arthur Rapkin O.M.D. give a lecture at the Women's Club of Wisconsin on the subject of providing healthcare using natural therapies that bring the body up to optimal function. On November 22, after a two week trip, I made an appointment to connect with him on the subject and on November 25 I began the Vitality 12 week weight-loss/weight management program that included a purification/detoxification phase, acupuncture and HCG. I lost about 30 pounds on the program over this period which included Thanksgiving. After about a month on the program I stopped taking about 7 medications. A month later I had full blood tests by my regular doctor who said most of my results were much better.

The program has done everything for me that I had wanted. Long time friends and acquaintances, as well as my regular doctor, tell me how good I look and how much weight I've lost.

The kind of weight that came off on the HCG phase was the impacted, hard to get at fat such as in the belly, chest, and shoulders.

I recommend the Vitality program to all who ask, as well as to some who should ask.

-John E.*

Jeff is excited about his progress with Dr. Rapkin!

Jeff lost over 40 LBS in less than 5 weeks, has almost cured his diabetes, and brought his blood pressure down! Vitality Health & Wellness is saving lives! *

Curing Connie’s Diabetes

Connie's story is truly remarkable, she has almost cured her diabetes and lost over 50 LBS. in weeks working with Vitality Health & Wellness. *

For more amazing stories of how Vitality Health & Wellness Center has changed lives in the Milwaukee community visit our YouTube channel:

Acupuncture Reverses Digestive Disorder

Ulcerative Colitis, R.G., Male, age 56

My physician told me that my condition was bad and would require a colostomy. They needed to remove my colon and attach a bag for my bowel elimination for the rest of my life. I was in constant pain and unable to function at my job. Then I went to a talk presented by the Doctors' Speakers Bureau about digestive disorders. The speaker spoke about how health and function were related. He presented information to the group about acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, "natural alternatives" to drugs and surgeries. I admit that I was more than a bit hesitant. I approached Dr. Rapkin after the talk and told him about my problem. He offered me the opportunity to come in for a complimentary consultation and treatment to let me experience the needles for myself. I will tell you that it was one of the most surprising and pleasurable experiences of my life. He told me he would accept me as a patient and did not think I would need surgery if I followed his program, which included acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbal formulas. That was over one year ago. I have all my own organs, functioning pretty well, I might add. I occasionally have mild symptoms that act up under stress. I still take the herbal formulas and continue with the acupuncture sessions weekly. There was a reason I went to the talk that night. I'm sure there was a guiding light over me. I have referred family and friends to the Vitality Health & Wellness Center to try acupuncture for their health concerns. The ones that have tried acupuncture are no longer suffering. The ones who haven't have gotten worse. I am grateful that there is an alternative to help me. *

Vitality Cancer Treatment is Truly Amazing

R.D., Male, age 54

I was receiving chemotherapy for cancer and my immune system had plummeted. I had no energy, I couldn't sleep and was in constant pain. One of the nurses recommended The Vitality Health & Wellness Center to me. She told me that Dr. Rapkin had helped other people in the same condition as me. I began to receive acupuncture therapy ..., three times a week for six weeks. The difference was truly amazing. The way my body responded was so good that the side effects from my chemo were lessened greatly and I responded much better to it than I had before. I began taking Chinese herbal formulas under their direction and that made even more of a difference in the way that I felt. I am on the way to good health. Thank you. *

A Cure for Asthma Medication!

B.R., Female, age 38

Frequent respiratory problems plagued me for well over nine months. I was on numerous antibiotics and other medications including prendisone and steroid inhalers for my asthma. My breathing had become labored. I couldn't even go up or down the stairs in my home. I never wanted to go out with my husband and my children worried about me all the time. After I began to receive acupuncture treatments at the Vitality Health & Wellness Center, my chest felt more open than it had in years. Three months into treatment I was able to stop taking my inhaler and cut down on my prendisone use. Six months later I am no longer taking my medication and feel better than I have in years. *

Acid Reflux Relieves Quality of Living

K.H., Female, age 45

My acid reflux was so bad that I had not slept in my own bed for over one year. I had to sleep in the den in a recliner chair because it was impossible for me to lay flat. Eating or drinking had become difficult. Swallowing was a chore. My doctor wanted me to undergo surgery to stretch my esophagus. After the first week of acupuncture treatments, I was able to sleep in my bed with my spouse. After one month of treatment, I discontinued my medication and never had to use any of it again. Thank you, Vitality Health & Wellness Center and staff. You saved my marriage and restored my health. *

* These stories represent patients that have gone through a full course of treatment and followed our guidelines for maintenance through lifestyle changes. Individual results will vary based on your personal medical condition and history.