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Weight Loss Injection Services In MIlwaukee

Weight loss consultation with medical professional

Dr. Arthur Rapkin is a leading weight loss physician in Milwaukee. For more than 3 decades, he and his team have helped people achieve optimal health and wellness through a variety of innovative and effective services.

Lipo fat burning injections are one of the most popular services we offer here at Vitality Health and Wellness Center. Read on to learn more about this exciting treatment and how it may be able to help you.

How do lipo fat burning injections work?

Lipo fat burning injections are made with a patented blend of "lipotropic nutrients." These nutrients accelerate your weight loss by improving the ability of your liver and gall bladder to process and decrease fat deposits.

The nutrients we use in our weight loss injections include Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, B-complex, and MIC amino acids. In addition to promoting fat loss, these  nutrients also offer many other known health benefits (such as improved brain, heart, and immune system function).

What are the benefits of using weight loss injections?

The weight loss injections we offer can help you lose extra fat by increasing your metabolism, increasing your energy, and increasing your body's overall rate of fat burning. They can also suppress your appetite and reduce food cravings, too!

Do I still have to exercise and eat a healthy diet?

Yes! Lipo fat burning injections work--but only if you do. They are not a replacement for solid nutrition and a consistent workout routine.

Are weight loss injections safe?

Yes. Lipotropic nutrients are actually found naturally in your body and in a lot of the food you eat. The injections just increase the concentration of these nutrients available in your system, thus enhancing your liver function.

You may respond a little differently to these injections compared to someone else, since individual factors including overall health status, lifestyle, and physiology will play a role. Our team will work carefully with you to maximize your results by determining the right weight loss solution that works best for your individual needs.

What are the advantages of using lipo fat burning injections over alternative weight loss therapies?

As mentioned, lipo fat burning injections offer more health benefits than just increased fat burning. Plus, many people find a significant increase in rate of fat loss when supplementing their diet and exercise plans with these injections compared to other weight loss therapies.

Additionally, when you and Dr. Rapkin decide that your injection treatment can be slowed or stopped, he along with the rest of the team at Vitality Health and Wellness will still be standing by and ready to support you as you continue on your weight loss journey. Our team is truly here to help you every step of the way!

Are you tired of feeling stuck on your weight loss journey? Contact the experienced and compassionate team here at Vitality Health and Wellness Center to help get those pesky pounds off. Call 262-827-4000 now to schedule a consultation.

**Limited Time Only** Weight Loss Study

For a limited time we are accepting applications for a supervised weight loss study that combines turbo fat burning HGC and acupuncture!

Sign-up using the form or call us at 262-827-4000 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

*In-Office study only. Not affiliated with any state or federal government research program. Results may vary. New patients only.

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Individual results will vary based on your personal medical condition and lifestyle
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The program has done everything for me that I had wanted. Long time friends and acquaintances, as well as my regular doctor, tell me how good I look and how much weight I've lost.*

John E -
Elm Grove, WI

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